The Museum Experience

Virtual Museum
The Three-Fifths Project is a pop-up museum series that will initially manifest itself as a virtual project. The online museum tour is interactive experience that displays video footage, still images, sound effects, music, narration, and text, presented with proactive 3D technology.

Live Museum
The experience starts with the drive to the museum, passing vacant lots, burned houses and the echoes of lost dreams, visitors are exposed to the neighborhood’s reality, a precursor to the exhibition. Outside, visitors are greeted with a series of frescoes by local artists, consisting of three panels depicting the museum’s topic. Together they will adorn three exterior walls of the museum.

Inside, a photo exhibit awaits, consisting of historic documents and compelling photographs on freestanding display units and panels, allows visitors to get a better understanding of the museum’s subject matter and the impact it had and has on the Metro Detroit community.  

Finally, downstairs, the featured documentary explores the museum’s subject while offering pathways to inclusion as actors placed throughout the museum perform a continuation of the documentary’s themes.

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